Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Stories Flip Album

This is the Flip Album we'll be making in St. George this was super fun to create and now I just need some pictures to finish it off for Valentine's Day. If you are making one this weekend, bring 8-10 pictures and you can easily finish it in 2 hours or less, giving you time to scrapbook more while you are there!

Do you think we should have a class for this in Spanish Fork?? Let me know if you'd be interested (the cost is $16).


jenn said...

I'd really love to make this album. Let me know if you have one in SF.

Laura H said...

I wish I could be at the St George event. I NEED some creativity and "ME" time. That looks like a fun project. Can I get the directions plz. HAPPY BDAY Cody!