Monday, September 26, 2011

Bring on the BOO!

I am so excited to share some BOO-tiful creations for the Holidays with you at one of our upcoming Holiday Stamp is just a peek at one of the 6 projects you'll be creating:
There are six projects: 2 for Halloween, 2 for Thanksgiving and 2 for Christmas!
Tuition for the Stamp Camp is $35 and includes a SNAIL adhesive and all six projects!! But space is limited, so you'll need to RSVP for one of the events below ASAP:

Spanish Fork Holiday Stamp Camp
Saturday, October 15
1 p.m.
Down Spendlove Lane

Hurricane Holiday Stamp Camp
Saturday, October 22
2 p.m.
Hurricane Middle School Library

RSVP to or 801-376-8685 as soon as you call your best friend to see if she wants to come with you!


Beth said...

That banner looks really cute, Loni! I won't be signing up however. Mom planned a family dinner for SATURDAY (we usually do Sunday) and my sister from Idaho says she's coming. Usually she doesn't.

I guess that will save me from breaking my new rule. I'm trying to not accumulate anymore Halloween & Thanksgiving the slow rate I've been switching decor in my house I'm trying to put up less. My July 4th stuff just came down last week. (I told myself it was now "September 11th" stuff too)
: (

Hope you have a great turnout and they appreciate all your creativity and cleverness!

Beth said...

PS......I did bookmark your site (finally) so hopefully I won't have to keep asking you for the link!