Thursday, March 14, 2013

Framelits: A Gate-Fold Card Tutorial VIDEO

HOLY COW! I *seriously* underestimated the time it would take to make (and edit!) a video tutorial!I have been reluctant about starting videos because I knew they would take time...I just had no idea HOW MUCH time they would take :p

Now my complaining is out of the way, I am pretty pleased with it. Like having a baby: Perhaps the amount you love them is commensurate in some way to the amount of pain you go through to bring them into (and keep them in) the world!!

Before the tutorial, let me show you the superbly adorable and infinitely superior cards I need to organize a parade...a simple kind comment will suffice :)
Without further ado, I present unto you my first-born video tutorial!

Whew! I feel like I may need nine months of recovery before I try another one...or maybe I just need to hire someone who can edit video and do graphic design for me...

In other news, I had a total mother PAYBACK yesterday with my eldest son! It was such a beautiful day to hear him say, "My mom is always right" and tell me how blessed he feels. Those moments are worth everything we went through to hear it! Life is good :)
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Donna Earley said...

Loni, I just watched your first video and it was great! You did an excellent job. It was very clear and easy to follow! I am looking forward to more videos from you!
This card is really neat! I love the different gate fold you did. I will be experimenting with my framelits to try and make this!
Thank you for sharing!

Chriserendipity said...

Loni, you did a super-duper job of your first tutorial! What a fabulous, unique card, too! Love everything about it! Thanks a bunch! Chris

Barbara V said...

Just enjoyed your video, Loni...great job! I will be making this card for sure.